With significant upgrades and extensions, the Indian road system is on course to meet international standards. Highways connect people, goods, and other raw materials, making them the most essential component of a nation's operation.

We have successfully acquired road projects on an EPC and HAM basis separately and in partnership with reputable corporations as joint venture partners as to our strong execution and implementation expertise.

We have already established our presence in this vertical across various states and proved oneself by exploring difficult locations in the state of Jharkhand, Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh. We are primarily engaged in Constructing of Highways, Expressways, High Capacity Corridors, Bridges & Culverts, Flyovers etcWe execute highway and road projects as part of the highways vertical, and we also design, widen, reinforce, operate, and maintain highways, roads, carriageways, culverts, major bridges, and road over bridges. Additionally, we build bridges and bypasses and widen and reinforce existing carriageways, as well as repair and upgrade existing highways and roads.

By the end of 2022, we have successfully finished 21 road projects, totalling almost 3450 lane kilometres of highways and roads.