India has the second largest road network with a total route length of approximately 5.40 million km. around 86% per passenger traffic and 65% of freight traffic is carried by roads.

Our strong execution and implementation skills has enabled us to undertake large road projects, Montecarlo has successfully acquired road projects in EPC and HAM basis individually and together with reputed companies as joint venture partner.

The company has already established its presence in this vertical across various states and proved itself by exploring difficult locations in the state of Jharkhand and Arunachal Pradesh. As part of the highways vertical, we are primarily engaged in the execution of highways and road construction projects and undertake design, widening, strengthening, operation and maintenance of highways, roads, carriageways, culverts, major bridges and road over bridges. We also undertake widening and strengthening of existing carriageways, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing highways and roads, construction of bridges and bypasses As of December 31, 2017, we completed 17 road projects, covering approximately 2,600 lane km of highways and roads, across four states in a timely manner.